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The Partnership or Local Action Group (LAG) works by representing the interests of its inhabitants and implementing the LEADER approach. The essence of LEADER is to improve the quality of life of a human being in the countryside, thinking about economic, social improvements and environmental preservation opportunities.
The LEADER principle is bottom-up approach when the initiative comes from local people, engaging in identifying and solving their problems, therefore, the LEADER approach is based on the development and implementation of a local development strategy to identify the needs and development directions of the inhabitants of a specific area.

The vision of LEADER is a living person in a country who is able to fulfill his economic and social needs as close as possible to his place of residence.

The LEADER approach enables citizens to:

  • Identify local development priorities (not in conflict with local planning documents);
  • Involve public funding for local issues;
  • Improve economic activity;
  • Arrange the living environment.

Responsibilities of Local Action Groups (Partnerships) in implementing the LEADER approach:

  • Develop local development strategies based on the needs of the population;
  • Identify local development priorities for which a common agreement has been reached;
  • Decide on the compliance of the submitted projects with the local development strategy;
  • Search for new solutions and approaches to existing development challenges;
  • To promote cooperation between organizations at local, national and international level;
  • Develop a local action group (LAG) network.
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